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Friday, March 8, 2013

Mass Markings

Heyo, Griffy here to explain how to download and correctly get Mass Markings set up!

First, check out this Mass Markings pack, it's the one I have. It has a ton of Markings (way more than in the picture.)

Then, download it:

Now your half way there.
First, open your Computer Library to your downloads, then open the Mass Markings folder.

Next, open Readme! and copy everything in it into your item.cfg in your Feral-Heart folder.

Turn the items.cgf into a note pad or word document when you get the message were it won't open. then paste everything from the Readme! into it. Save it, and close. Do not delete anything from the items.cgf folder, it will distroy your F-H game. Messing up on this can also cause your game to stop working. Follow all instructions, don't skip steps. The name of the items.cgf will turn into "Items", if you do it correctly.

Keep F-H closed when your doing this, otherwise it won't work, and you'll mess it up. 

Next, go back to Downloads and go into the folder again with the Mass Markings.

Copy all of the mesh stuff and put it in: Feral-Heart> Media> Textures

Mass markings

~Alu here to show you Mass Markings!~

~Image from Alu~

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Griffy and Stan

Hello Feral-Hearters! it's Griffy and Stan here to mention a couple things!

~Present Tips/Saving and renaming

~When you make presents using Gimp(2.6,ect) or other drawing tools, press "Save as" after you edited the head,body,tail, or/and eye present templates( The ones given to you when you downloaded FH, present 1 and 2.)

~Before you run out of the templates to make presents, copy the original and put them in a folder where you won't loose them. This way you can edit the name of the templates so they fit in the correct exports>present(#)  folder. (EX: Lets say you copy present 3, and all of the templates in it. After moving the copies to another present#, you have to change to number to the present# folder. present3_Body, if moved to present folder 4, would have to be renamed to: present4_Body.)

~C from above~ Right click the present template and look at the list, until you see "rename"

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Item pack

Hey Feral-Hearters. A new update has been out recently and I have to say; not a lot of people know about it. You know the Christmas hat? That's an item. Well, the pack on media fire(download) gives you a TON of items; taken from Impressive title and Impressive world.

The link (brought to you by my friend) :
{Clicking the Link will open a new window}

Griffy OUT!

I'll post the instructions on how to get it set up if your stuck.* (maybe later?)

Friday, December 28, 2012

To all Feral-Hearters:

I hope your having a great time in Feral-Heart. Their staff really worked hard on putting this game together for you guys. I sincerely agree Feral-Heart is one of my favorite online games. I can guarantee if you wander around enough; you'll see me!

PS: I'm not an Admin of Feral-Heart; only of my blog. Yes, a lot of Feral-Hearters recognize me. However, I only hope you like my warming personality, present, and blog! (Which means my present won't show if you see me; Sorry guys!)